The kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it.   Luke 16:16b

Herald of His Kingdom

Of the increase of His government and peace,

there shall be no end.  Isaiah 9:7a

CJ DiPilato, Author and Editor

April  2019, Update  

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.  Romans 10:17

Dedicated to those who are looking for His Glorious Appearing.

I've been thinking tonight of the baptism with the Holy Ghost that Jesus spoke of in Matthew 3, and then the promise again in Acts 1, and the fulfillment of that word in Acts 2.

Many believe just a profound sense of the manifest presence of God during a prayer time indicates one has been baptized or filled. And it's also very true that the joy of the Lord can be very present at a baptism, as we know the Word says in His Presence is fullness of Joy.

Now to the subject of speaking in tongues. Some like to call it their "prayer language". Some sophisticated people call it glossolalia .

I've heard much preaching about the blessed evidence of speaking in other tongues; and how speaking in tongues was the common denominator to all actual outpourings of God's Spirit in the book of Acts. This is what most people base their conviction on that when one is truly baptized by Jesus with the Holy Ghost, they will speak with new tongues.

But, here is what convinces me more than anything that speaking in tongues is the the major evidence of being truly baptized with the Holy Ghost.

James tells us something all of us have (James 3:5-8). For now, I’ll just call it a “little member”. And here is what that “little member” does:

It boasts great things
It can kindle a great fired.
It is a fire.
It's a world of iniquity.
It defiles the whole body.
It sets on fire the course of nataa_ure.
It's set on fire of hell.
Man has been able to tame every kind of beast.
He's been able to tame birds


He's been able to tame serpents,
He's tamed things in the sea.
All of these things have been tamed by mankind.
But this one little thing we all possess no man can tame.
And that's pretty scary considering that it is an "unruly evil, full of deadly poison."

When one is baptized with the Holy Ghost, filled with His Spirit there is a "filling to overflowing" so nothing in your life is left untouched, and isn't it so befitting that this one little member so untamed by man can be tamed by God!
That moment you speak in other tongues, it is far more than just the "evidence" of the baptism of the Holy Spirit! It's the yielding of this most unruly member, it's the proof you have been totally submerged into the Spirit of God! It's the initial sign of a desire to be so yielded to the Lord, He can even have your tongue! You will allow His Spirit to give you utterance!

I know this is a controversial subject, and of course all one needs to make heaven their home someday is an encounter with the cross and the Blood of Jesus.

But, if you are one who is seeking more, and desire to be filled with the Holy Ghost, don't stop pressing into God. Waiting on Him. Make sure you get baptized in water, as many Holy Ghost baptisms take place when obeys the Lord in water baptism. (Matthew 28:19 and Acts 2:38)

And BE BLESSED by every indication you surely are being filled as you feel the strong overshadowing of His presence manifested through tears and through joy, and through every feeling your Heavenly Father gives to you in this time of meeting with Him.
But, don't stop pressing until that last member, your tongue, is yielded to the Spirit of God. It will revolutionize your life, and as you stay submitted to Him in all areas of your life, you will see a process ignited to reverse every curse put on you by the Adamic nature where the deadliest carnal force is the unruly tongue.

But you say, "I thought the blood of Jesus does all that!" And you are ever so right. You could not possibly be any more righteous in the eyes of God than you were the moment you accepted Jesus as your personal Saviour.

But, the baptism in the Holy Ghost will empower you to walk it out so that you have a testimony in this world!
Will you suddenly never have another problem with your tongue after you receive the baptism in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues? No. So, then what's the point?

Yielding that most unruly member to the Holy Spirit launches us into a level of communion with our Lord that one can never experience when only operating out of the realm of soulish and natural understanding. (See 1 Corinthians 2:11-16, and 1 Corinthians 14)

If you are one who has had an honest question in your heart, either placed there by your own religious tradition, or a belief system that says it's not necessary to speak in other tongues to prove your baptism experience, I ask you to just pray a little more , and ask the Lord to give you Holy Ghost utterance, and then don't be afraid to yield your tongue to His leading.

It's only the beginning.

Blessings, in Jesus Name,

CJ DiPIlato

The Most Unruly Member