The kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it.   Luke 16:16b

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Of the increase of His government and peace,

there shall be no end.  Isaiah 9:7a

CJ DiPilato, Author and Editor 

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17

March 14, 2018

Introduction to Article

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Giving Glory to the Name of Jesus 

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On February 28, 2018, I had this website completely ready to go so that I could launch it on March 01, 2018 as I had promised.   And then God broke into my plans.  Even though I had had a good night's sleep, during the morning, I got unusually tired, and when I went to take a nap, I fell into a deep sleep, and the Lord gave me a dream in 3 parts, with the first part having a Part A, and a Part B.   I don't feel I need to share the dream, but through the dream, God totally re-routed my spirit as far as this website.  I was building it in a very "non-offensive", charismatic way, perhaps even trying in some ways to be a "people pleaser".  Sharing links that would not step on anyone's toes.  Determined not to share any messages that might be too convicting, or cause me to look like a Pharisee promoting "legalism" .  All these titles and labels can drive a person nuts!!!   I'm going to share the four things the Lord made very plain to me through my dream, and maybe some day the Lord will lead me to share the dream, and each part of it's interpretation in more depth.  

1.  Worship is not recess, nor is it entertainment. 

2.   The power in the Name of Jesus must be highly honored in a day when it's being disrespected and challenged.

3. I must faithfully preach a "foursquare" (not the denomination, but the Biblical foundational principles) gospel.   

4.  I must keep track of the keys of the kingdom, and not allow them to be lost or stolen.  

I pray this website will faithfully reflect these principles, given to me by the Holy Spirit on February 28, 2018

Spring Edition

Always Exalting the Name of Jesus 

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I have formed a new page entitled "The Spirit of Prophecy".   This will be the home of current prophetic messages and articles.  The "CJD Articles "page is used more as a place to archive older words and articles, as you can tell by the dates on some of them.  


It's my heart to follow up any audio prophetic word with an article that may go into more depth of explanation on the word of the Lord.  Watch for those articles through the course of the week.  They will always appear on the Spirit of Prophecy page.  _

As God's servant who is used to bring the word of the Lord to His people, I believe this page will actually either "make or break" this website when it comes to how much of a following it actually receives, but I am committed to faithfully declaring His counsel as He gives it to me.  'Though none go with me, I still will follow'.   And by that, I mean follow the leading of His Spirit as faithfully as I am graced to do so.   

This weeks Audio Message may begin a new series, but I'm not sure yet.  Time will tell.  Because of some household projects today, this word is more of an exhortation than a full message, but it stirred my desire for the Lord, and I trust it will have the same impact upon you.    You will see it in it's usual spot in the box to the right.  

Last week I uploaded an article to Windsor's Little Sanctuary which gave more understanding to the mandate I have received regarding an attentiveness to worship not being recess or entertainment.  

This week, I have added an article on the next precept I received from the Lord, namely that I must  give strong attention to giving glory to the Name of Jesus.   You can read the introduction to the newest article below.  

 You can go to the Windsor's Little Sanctuary page to be linked to that article.  

I continue to be so very grateful for your visits to this website!

Always in the Love of Jesus,

C.J DiPilato

March 16,  2018

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The power in the Name of Jesus must be highly honored in a day when it's being disrespected and challenged. Since this is something the Lord spoke into my heart I must give heed to in producing the Herald of His Kingdom website, I have given myself to some meditation upon the subject.

As one who spent some years in the midst of a people who were highly attentive to the Name of the Lord, and its awesome power and greatness this has been a subject of delight to my soul. I feel I am rooted and grounded and well established in doctrine that tells me there is no name higher than the Name of Jesus. It's the only Name whereby we must be saved. It's the Name that causes lame men to walk, and demons to flee. It is the Name that when exalted, the Father is glorified!

9 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:

10 That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth;

11 And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. Phillipians 2:9-11.

But, what the Lord dropped into my heart goes beyond my own adoration of His Name but to a mandate that it MUST be "highly honored" in a day when it's being "disrespected and challenged." Why is that? It's because we live in a time when man wishes to diminish it not only through careless and vain use of it by not speaking it with reverence, but often as a convenient curse word, but also by coupling it with the names of other gods (little "g") as if the Lord of All the Ages, the Ancient of Days, the Lamb Upon the Throne, the ONLY Saviour of our Soul is willing to share His glory with another!

To read the full article, please click link to the Windsor's Little Sanctuary blog page.  

Since there is an emphasis on the Name of Jesus being magnified on this website, I have also uploaded some older messages about the Name of Jesus to the Audio Messages page.