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7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end.

isaiah 9:7a



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November 15, 2017

Newest Article on Windsor's Little Sanctuary:

Grace is a Teacher 

Dearest Friends in Jesus,

Thank you for visiting this website!!! It is a "Reader's Website", and just a way to share what the Lord gives to me as I spend time, and wait on Him.  I trust you will be blessed and edified as you visit its pages.

I am returning to the original title of this website, Herald of His Kingdom. I believe in recent months, He is bringing to my own spirit a deeper understanding of His kingdom, and the transition taking place from a church mindset into more of a kingdom mindset.

One of these little gems is that you can fit the Church into His Kingdom, but you'll never be able to cram His kingdom in all it's fullness into the Church!  And yet you CAN fit the kingdom into your own heart, for it truly is WITHIN YOU!   I will explain that statement in an article to come.

For the record: I am not one who believes God is doing away with the Church in order to promote the kingdom. No, I believe the Lord is refining and perfecting the Church in order that He might execute His will in His glorious kingdom through those who have been trained for His purposes in His Church. Read Ephesians, and you’ll probably agree with me!

Will everyone in the church rule and reign in His glorious kingdom? Everyone may not have governmental authority. But, everyone will have a place. The key to one's success in training for the kingdom is summed up in one word: Willingness.

I will be sharing more on that soon, too!!!

Another reason I am going back to the name Herald of His Kingdom is because as we are preparing for retirement, we are going to be living out the year in different locations, and "Herald of His Kingdom" will be a title that can be used from any geographical location.   Very practical!

May the Lord bless you as read and listen to messages on this website

Always in the Love of Jesus,

Clo DiPilato

Do you know Jesus?

103 Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name.  Psalm 103:1

Today's message is on the subject of Praying Through.

Not exacty, a "hunker down, and git'er done" word, but I trust you will hear what the Spirit is saying about the deeper call of the Spirit of God that we pray through regarding His work in our lives to make us true disciples of Jesus Christ.

This word is lengthy, and there is a bit too much meandering hither and yon, so I pray you'll either have patience to plod through it, or listen to half of it, make a note of where you stopped, and finish up at another time!

Believing God that we are all going to PRAY THROUGH, and receive the blessings of God He has ordained for us...body, soul, and spirit!!!

Amen and amen.

In Jesus Name,  Amen!


Jesus is the Answer! 

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Jessy Dixon


November 15, 2017

Praying Through 

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