The kingdom of God is preached, and every man presseth into it.   Luke 16:16b

Herald of His Kingdom

Watching and Waiting

For His Glorious Appearing 

Of the increase of His government and peace,

there shall be no end.  Isaiah 9:7a

CJ DiPilato, Author and Editor 

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On February 28, 2018, I had this website completely ready to go so that I could launch it on March 01, 2018 as I had promised.   And then God broke into my plans.  Even though I had had a good night's sleep, during the morning, I got unusually tired, and when I went to take a nap, I fell into a deep sleep, and the Lord gave me a dream in 3 parts, with the first part having a Part A, and a Part B.   I don't feel I need to share the dream, but through the dream, God totally re-routed my spirit as far as this website.  I was building it in a very "non-offensive", charismatic way, perhaps even trying in some ways to be a "people pleaser".  Sharing links that would not step on anyone's toes.  Determined not to share any messages that might be too convicting, or cause me to look like a Pharisee promoting "legalism" .  All these titles and labels can drive a person nuts!!!   I'm going to share the four things the Lord made very plain to me through my dream, and maybe some day the Lord will lead me to share the dream, and each part of it's interpretation in more depth.  

1.  Worship is not recess, nor is it entertainment. 

2.   The power in the Name of Jesus must be highly honored in a day when it's being disrespected and challenged.

3. I must faithfully preach a "foursquare" (not the denomination, but the Biblical foundational gospel.   (Focusing on this on the April 18 update.)

4.  I must keep track of the keys of the kingdom, and not allow them to be lost or stolen.  

I pray this website will faithfully reflect these principles, given to me by the Holy Spirit on February 28, 2018

Spring Edition

Always Exalting the Name of Jesus 

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April 18, 2018  

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April 18, 218 Update:

Dearest Friends in Jesus!

This has been a bit harder week as the Lord has been bringing some things into greater order, and that always means some pruning, some stretching, some adjusting, and an ample dose of frustration!!!

However, when all is said and done, thank God underneath are the Everlasting Arms, and He gives PEACE!!!!

I had my grandson here for Monday and Tuesday, as this is his Spring Vacation week, and much of my focus was on him.  I love the sound of his little voice.  Four years old has got to be one of the cutest ages God ever created.  I wish I could recall some witty little thing he said to share it here, but escapes me.  However, I reserve the right to interject my "Granny stories" into my writings at any time!  :-)

This week, I feel led to share what I mean by the Lord leading me to faithfully preach a "foursquare" gospel. 

I believe this is to be the foundation upon which I build as I write my articles.  This will be represented more in the written content than in the audio content.  This may not be produced as quickly as I would like it to be, but if you read my initial article with introduction below, and then the full article on the Windsor's Little Sanctuary blog, you will understand my direction.  And I may yet do some editing, as I think there are too many run-on sentences.  Have to watch out for that!!!

The reason I said new articles may not be as quick as I like is because we are in the process of getting ready for some travel to see elderly family members; and then we have much yard work to do in preparation for early summer visitors.  And, oh that Spring Cleaning!!!  Where is the maid when i need her???  Oh...there she is...looking back at me from the mirror!!!  

Now, what IS on the front burner at this time is a fresh flow of the word of the Lord.  When I go to wait on the Lord for a "teaching" or a "preaching" word, it seems what happens is prophecy!!!   As soon as I am done writing this update letter, I'm going to work on uploading to the Spirit of Prophecy page that which the Lord gave me this morning. 

I am not going to send any notices to friends because I feel a little bit awkward today about what I've shared.  Like what right do I have to share these things.  But, there was a flow of the anointing, so I will leave it up to the Lord, and His people to decide whether to receive it or reject it. 

The word has to do with God's covering of our President during these times, and I found it to be very encouraging as the Lord moved upon me.  God has got his back!   The praying saints who have been worried about him need this word more than he needs it himself, and when you hear what the Holy Spirit is saying, you'll understand what I mean by that!   

The theme of the word is WHO SHALL LAY ANYTHING TO THE CHARGE OF GOD'S ELECT?!!!!  Now, may the Lord quicken that to you before you even listen, and I know you will know where the Holy Spirit is going with such a declaration!!! Glory to His Name!!!

God being my helper, I am looking forward to sharing an exhortation from the Word either later tonight, or tomorrow morning for the audio messages page.  Feel my spirit going in a couple of different directions, and need a bit greater clarity. 

Trusting God for it to come.  

I love the Lord!!!

In His GREAT Name and Glorious Love, 

CJ DiPilato

April 18, 2018

Introduction to Article

Featured this update:

The Foursquare Gospel 

There is a denomination with Pentecostal roots started by the Holy Ghost through God's vessel, Sister Aimee Semple McPherson called the Foursquare Organization. If you have not heard of this dear woman , google her name, and read her story. She was a mighty woman of God. (My own Pentecostal heritage springs more from the Assembly of God organization, and even more specifically through the influence of my mother, and some others closely related to our family who were mentored by the faculty of Zion Bible Institute when it was still under the original founders, Sister Christine Gibson, and Dr. Leonard Heroo. I love giving honor these servants of the Lord!)

Out of her ministry came forth the organization called "Foursquare". You may have heard of Jack Hayford, a man of God beloved, and highly respected throughout the body of Christ. For many years he was the President of this denomination. They have grown into more of a Charismatic organization, but from appearances have mostly stayed true to their roots of preaching a "foursquare gospel", which means Jesus is our Saviour, Jesus is our Healer, Jesus is our Baptizer, and Jesus is our Soon Coming King.

Who can find fault with anything that puts Jesus at the center of their doctrine and mission? Not me!!!

Since I wrote back in February that I believe the Lord spoke to me that I must be true on my present website to the foundational principles of a "Foursquare Gospel", the Lord also made it very clear to me that I am not embracing a certain organization, or constrained to sharing on only four glorious subjects such as salvation, baptism, healing, and the second coming or our Lord. Rather He is showing to me there are things in the Word that will spring forth out of these Biblical truths that will bring growth and maturity to the people of God. I trust this website will touch on these certain subjects:

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